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May 5th, 2008

09:23 pm - Crazy tall bed
So, I bought a new mattress and well......I didn't realize it would be quite so tall. It may not appear to be that high in the picture, but if you saw my previous bed, you will notice the difference. I've had some very interesting comments....voluptuous and Mexican wrestling ring were two. Here it is, until Jamie helps me lower it. Sorry Matt, there will be no wrestling matches here. ;)

Current Mood: sillysilly

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April 13th, 2008

07:52 pm - Shopping therapy
Like most women, when I'm feeling a bit blah, I like to engage in a bit of shopping therapy. Well, today was the day. I spent entirely too much money on books. I have an addiction to books and book stores. My new favorite place to shop is Half Price Books, which is an evil place. How can you not buy a book when it is on sale for $3.00? I have enough books to keep me busy for a few months, but..... starting the 25th they are having a sale where you can save 15% on everything you can fit into one of the cloth shopping bags. Really???? I can't possibly stay away............. I need to rid myself of the blahs and the stress so that I do not need my own personal version of shopping therapy. Blahs, go away so I can catch up on the books I have.
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Current Mood: crappycrappy

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April 11th, 2008

10:47 pm - I've made some bad choices..
Just like Matt said, "I keep stepping in shit"!! I mean really, have I lost all sense of rational judgment over the past year?
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Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Depeche Mode

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April 8th, 2008

07:26 am - Procrastination

When will I lean? Procrastination leaves me feeling frustrated and disappointed with myself!
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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March 31st, 2008

07:13 pm
I am going to see Dave Matthews!!!!! WOO-HOO!!! I am so happy!
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Current Mood: giddygiddy

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March 27th, 2008

06:00 pm
I want to go to the Dave Matthews Concert!!!!!!!!

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March 25th, 2008

10:17 pm
Who would have ever thought that my EX would be the person who has checked on me the most while I have been sick???? I actually hear sincerity when he tells me he hopes I feel better. Wow, never would have thought.
Current Location: In bed watching SVU
Current Mood: surprisedsurprised

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March 24th, 2008

05:29 pm - I feel like shit...........
I absolutely hate being sick!!!! This sucks. I had a great Easter and I wake up this morning and I feel like shit. I don't have time for this, damn.
Current Mood: sicksick

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March 8th, 2008

07:58 pm - Ex
I've been talking to my ex via Myspace and Yahoo today. We did a little walk down memory lane, and I got an apology for him being such an asshole. Very strange.
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Current Mood: curiouscurious

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March 7th, 2008

09:22 pm - iPod
I am very excited, I received my new ipod today. Yay. I am not buying anything off itunes yet because I have no idea what Jenny may have in her extensive CD collection, especially all the 80's artists like The Smiths. I need to go to Jenny's soon, not only to fill up my ipod, but to play with Logan and Ethan. I haven't been the ghost in about a month!

I am very aggravated with the snow. It was beautiful this morning, but with the expected accumulation due tonight, I did not go out to see my friend Sara. Tonight is her last night at Spring Street. That sucks!
Current Location: Home because of the snow
Current Mood: frustratedsince I can't go out!

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